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We DO NOT recommend these attractions for anyone who: is pregnant, claustrophobic, has heart problems or any kind of heart related medical issues, or to those with weak bladders. There are areas of shaky and uneven paths, stairs and crawling areas. There are strobe lights, fog and smoke machines in use.

COVID protocols for Screampark

New Location!

Screampark has moved! Our new location will start in the lower parking lot behind the Ballroom and Marshall Hall building at Bingemans.
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New Ticket Process

Guests will purchase their tickets online. You will choose a specific date and time. This allows our guests to feel confident that we are providing appropriate physical distancing and allows us the opportunity to manage and control attendance levels as we are operating at a reduced capacity.

Tickets are only valid for the date and time purchased. You will not be able to switch times or dates. If coming with a group ensure that you are purchasing tickets for the same time.

Will I be required to wear a protective face mask?

Guests are required to wear a face mask at all times while in Screampark. Staff members and actors will be wearing a mask at all times and disposable gloves as necessary. Should public health restrictions change, Screampark will operate in accordance with the most current public health guidelines.

Will I be required to show proof of vaccination?

Guests are not required to provide proof of vaccination at Screampark. If you purchase a Boston Pizza Screampark Package you are required to provide proof of vaccination and valid ID at Boston Pizza/Kingpin.

How scary is Screampark?

Very scary! Our Scream Team staff take pride when guests cannot finish the house. We DO NOT recommend this for small children (anyone under 12), but the choice of fate is yours - we will not stop you.

Is it safe?

Yes, of course it is. The health and safety of our guests and staff is paramount and with that in mind we have moved outside have a combination of outdoor and indoor haunts to allow for distancing. But this now means no chicken-out doors!

Is Screampark Accessible?

Unfortunately, the terrain along the Horrifying walk is uneven with hills and at times through a forest. This will not accommodate wheelchairs, walkers, strollers, crutches, or any other walking assist.

Can I bring a group?

Most certainly, please contact us to arrange group discount pricing and priority passes. We also offer group catering packages as well. Contact our Event Planners at 519-744-1555 or email sales@bingemans.com

When are the busiest times?

Typically, the longest waits are Friday and Saturday nights from 9pm - 11pm.

What else is there to do at Screampark?

Screampark is just one of the many exciting attractions Bingemans has to offer. Canada’s Largest Boston Pizza is right on site so you can fuel up before your Screampark experience. Or visit Kingpin Bowlounge – a 28 lane bowling alley.

What happens if it rains?

Nothing different happens, it rains, and the experience gets even creeper. There are no refunds for any circumstance. As tickets are purchased for specific dates and times we cannot guarantee a date or time change. There are not refunds for missed dates or times.

Can I smoke somewhere?

Screampark does not have a designated smoking area. You are not permitted to smoke while waiting in line or throughout the attraction. Smoking is not permitted within 9 metres of the entrance. If you have any questions, please speak to one of our management or staff.

Are there rules at Screampark?

Yes, there are:

What can I bring into Screampark?

The following items are NOT allowed into Screampark backpacks, backpack purses, large purses, alcohol, drugs, personal water bottles, any opened water bottles. There are not lockers for you to secure your articles, so it is recommend to leave these at home.