Camping Checklist

For First Time Campers, it can be a difficult task to pack for a camping trip! We've created a Camper Checklist for you to help with remembering some of the essentials.

Don't worry if you have forgotten something. The Bingemans Camping Resort store has firewood, ice and more. You can also ask about our fridge rentals for your convenience.

We want your First Time camping experience at Bingemans Camping Resort to be an enjoyable one. Please feel free to let any of our campground staff know if you have any questions.

Download a copy of the Camping Checklist

Personal Items Miscellaneous
Toothbrush & Toothpaste   Tent
Deodorant   Sleeping Bags
Sun Screen   Matches in a Zip Lock Bag or Lighter
Insect Repellent   Cell Phone & Car Charger
Soap & Shampoo   Radio & Extra Batteries
Razor Shaving Kit   Flashlight & Extra Batteries
Sun Glasses   Candles
Hand Wipes   Camera and/ or Video Camera
Feminine Products   Hammer
Prescription Medications   Multi Tool
Towel   Rope
  Scissors and/or Knife
Clothing Air Mattress
Warm Pair of Shoes and/or Boots   Duct Tape
Sweater   Garbage Bags
Water Proof Jacket   Bottled Water
Gloves   Non Perishable Food
Underwear   Cooking Utensils
Warm Socks   First Aid Kit
Flip Flops
Swim Suit
Running Shoes


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