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Bingemans FunworX | Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your security policy?

We are an unsupervised play facility. Parents / Caregivers are responsible for supervising their own children. Bingemans/FunworX is not responsible for your children’s safety or any injuries that may result from unsafe play or inappropriate use of equipment. View our Security Policy.

What can I take into the playstructure?

For loss prevention and safety we ask that you remove all articles from your pockets and secure elsewhere (ie: wallets, phones and sharp objects) We also request that no beverages (with exception of water) or food be brought into the playstructure area. There are tables on the outside perimeter for seating.

I have small children, when is the best time to come to FunworX?

The most popular time is the weekends and holidays. You may prefer the mid week daytime hours better.

I have a youth group of teenagers, would FunworX have activities to suit this kind of group?

Absolutely, we have packages that include Ropes Course, billiards, mini golf, and food packages as well. Please contact our Event Planner to assist you.

Do we require any special items to use any activities in FunworX?

  • Sock are required for play structure
  • Closed toe and heel shoes are required for Ropes courses

Is there an age limit on the play structure?

The play structure is for children from the ages of 2-12. Anyone older than 12 has access to our Ropes courses. Tickets can be purchased at admissions for these attractions. (please see Hours, to see when Ropes courses are open)

Is food allowed in FunworX?

No outside food is permitted in FunworX. There are concession and beverage stations available for your convenience. NO FOOD OR DRINK is permitted inside the play structure at any time.

What type of security do you use for your facilities?

This varies at different times of the year and may include any one or a combination of alarm systems, licensed security patrols, various lighting systems, etc. As well, some areas of our facilities are equipped with video recording systems which may also provide live monitoring and alerts from time to time. Guests are reminded that they are responsible for their safety at all times, and if any assistance is needed, please see one of our staff or management members at any time. The safety of our guests and employees is of the utmost importance to us as we progressively increase our systems and procedures. For more details of these policies, written requests may be directed to the following email address, bingeman@bingemans.com or contact our main reception during standard office hours.

Can I smoke somewhere?

Yes, we have areas at each of our facilities for a designated smoking area which has been designed to meet the new provincial requirements. Please note that in these identified areas, that the regulations state that there cannot be any food, beverage or alcohol of any kind in these areas. If you have any questions, please speak to one of our management or staff for the location of these areas.