Screampark Haunted House & Attractions | Bingemans | Kitchener Ontario
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It's Screaming Season!


Experience Screampark as it opens its gates for its most terrifying Halloween season ever! Each year, the attractions get even more horrifying and the shrieks get even louder as they echo throughout Kitchener! Our ghouls know exactly how to taunt and eject fear in even the most bravest of souls. For over a decade they've been extracting those blood curdling screams that pierce through the night air and they can't wait for fresh blood! Can you survive the horrifying new attractions Screampark has in store?

Experience the horrific aftermath of Carnival of Souls, where you’ll have to trek through the Ringmaster’s Ruins before you even reach the house, realize your worse fears in Phobia, and scar your eyes in Autopsy.

Visit Gore Gallery, an interactive display of horror that is nothing like any museum you’ve visited before. Then take your last ride in an authentic coffin where one size fits all.

Ever been in this middle of a Zombie Outbreak? Grab your friends and family and climb aboard the M35A2 Battle Wagon and be deployed to Ground Zero where the outbreak began. Exercise your paintball skills to succeed in total eradication of the undead or become one of them!

Think you can survive? Come and find out…our chicken count is 8000 and climbing quickly!

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*We take no responsibility for the prolonged fearful affects that Scream Park may invoke. Not recommended for children under 12 or anyone who is easily frightened, or who has a heart condition. No refunds after ticket purchase even if you're too scared and can't make it through the haunted house attractions.

Bingemans Screampark
425 Bingemans Centre Drive, Kitchener, Ontario, N2B 3X7