Oktoberfest Kool Haus
Bingemans Oktoberfest
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What happens if regulations change and the event is not permitted?

We are focused on delivering peace of mind through the booking process. If the event was cancelled due to COVID-19 regulations, guests would receive a full refund.

Oktoberfest is normally quite crowded

Our 40,000 square foot tent in conjunction with our expansive outdoor Biergarten with outdoor stage is designed to allow consumers the ability to roam where they like and feel the most comfortable. This year we will be offering 3 weekends of celebration giving guests the option to select their date and divide the attendees.

Are both tents going up?

Only the larger Kool Haus Tent will be going up, however the patio has been expanded, adding to a true festival feel for you to roam around the grounds participating in all the fun.

Is there a smoking area?

Yes, there will be one smoking area, however no food, drink or alcohol is permitted in this space.

Can I leave and come back in?

No, there is no re-entry to the event.

I am holding tickets for a friend, can I leave them at the door?

No. As all tickets are online, you can email them to your friend.

Are tickets refundable?

No. All sales are final, with exception of cancellation due to COVID-19 regulations.

Is Cannabis allowed?

Yes, cannabis will be permitted in the smoking area.

Can I buy tickets at the door?

We cannot guarantee that tickets will be available for purchase at the door. Door tickets will be made available only if there is capacity available. Historically there has been very few of these, if any, available.

Are there any rules while enjoying your Oktoberfest Festhallen?

Yes, please find them here.

  • First Aid Kit on site
  • No ticket refunds
  • Bar closes at 12:45am
  • We do not serve intoxicated persons
  • All alcohol off tables at 1:30am
  • All patrons off premises at 1:45am
  • No standing on tables
  • No sleeping on tables
  • No smoking in building
  • No illicit drugs on premises
  • Absolutely no beverages to enter or leave the building
  • No drinking on the dance floor
  • Our staff check for counterfeit currency (US and Canadian)
  • BYID issued by the LCBO
    • Passport
    • Military ID
    • Photo Drivers Licence
  • Persons under 19 not permitted (Family Day excluded)
  • Management has the right to refuse entrance
  • Management has the right to request search
  • Illegal activity will be dealt with according to the law
  • Capacity not to exceed the liquor licence
  • Kitchen closes at 1:00am
  • No oversized bags permitted in Festhalle
  • Licensed Security Guards on duty

Our Commitment to Guest Safety

Safety to our guests, staff and general public is our priority at all times. All our service staff, and support teams are trained on customer service and Smart Serve alcohol training.

Oktoberfest is a fantastic cultural and social festive occasion, and our staff will assist you in any way to help maximize your enjoyment. However this also requires your responsible choices in terms of your behavior while at our facilities. We have no tolerance for any boisterous or inappropriate behavior, and if required we will ask you to leave the premises.

Your Feedback is very important to us to continually product great, high quality events. Anyone purchasing their event tickets from Bingemans.com will be receiving an email survey after the festival. We appreciate your taking the time in sharing your experiences with us, and for those completing the survey; we will be including you in a special draw for an exclusive Bavarian Feast event for Oktoberfest 2018.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these or other items pertaining to Oktoberfest, please contact our Administration office at sales@bingemans.com

Thank you.