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Contactless Pick up & Delivery

Pick-ups are at our culinary facility at 40 Shirley Ave, Kitchener.

Why not have the catered experience in your own home? We have curated unique in home dining experiences to provide you the ability to enjoy with family and friends. Items that you likely would not have made on your own, or just didn't have the time, you can point and click your way to great taste!

The Celebration BOX series offers a new heightened level of gifting, socially distant entertaining or just something to show appreciating. These inclusive experience packages provide flexibility and customization for Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, special occasions. A fresh surprise for your teams working at home, or for a unique group appreciation.

We are please to be partnering with our local dedicated suppliers to offer locally sourced grocery offerings that provide convenience and quality in an expedited, contactless environment. From the highest quality produce, to many Waterloo County classic food dishes prepared from our timeless recipes, to delights freshly prepared by our pastry chefs in-house, our @HOME Essentials is the perfect accompanying service to your weekly grocery selections.