Bingemans | 13 Hours in Hell | Info


13 HOURS IN HELL is a fully immersive experience that will last from 8pm till 9am the following morning all to take place at a secluded venue within Bingemans. Additional details are as follows:

Your admission includes:

  • Access to the grounds
  • A 13 HOURS IN HELL T-shirt
  • Bringing your own tent, or selecting one of the options we have for you
  • Evening dinner (special meal needs available)
  • Non-alcoholic beverages throughout the event
  • Breakfast the next morning
  • Involvement in the various challenges that will occur throughout the evening (If something is too eerie for you, you can certainly sit it out in a safe zone)

The setting is in a very wooded and secluded area, general waivers are required by all participants. Participants must be at least 14 years of age, and if under 18 must be accompanied by an adult, with parent permission. As this is a fully immersive experience, you will be active throughout the evening, there will be sudden changes at a moment's notice throughout the night, you will be running, hiking, and hiding. There will be rewards for bravery and successes of tasks, as well there could be punishment by isolation and confusion. However at any point in time, you want/need to take a time out from the game, you just simply tell our staff and attendants “I want my mommy” and they will direct you to a safe zone. You will be put in to groups to assist with your survival; hopefully you all make it out together. If you are coming as a group, let us know at check in so we can arrange for you all to stay that way.

If you need a full night's sleep to function, this likely is not the event for you unless you can sleep with one eye open.

From time to time, we will be sending out event updates via the Screampark facebook page,so make sure you sign up for it.

If you love horror, zombies and being scared out of your mind, then 13 Hours in Hell is the ultimate experience that you don't want to miss! Welcome to your worst nightmare...


One of a kind experience! Great place and great people that make this event possible!" – Elijah J.

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